About Us

Quick facts

  • We serve fresh food only
  • Our menu is versatile and authentic
  • Great prices
  • Professional catering available

Our Story

Our resturant has been comfortably tucked away on the northern end of Quincy, MA since 2017.
We believe that Bánh Mì Lê is not just a Vietnamese restaurant. It is a way that we can support our community and provide a way to keep the Vietnamese Culture alive.

We offer catering options and as well as Vietnamese Sandwiches, sticky rice, bubble, tea, and much more. Whenever you are in Quincy, give our place a visit and we are sure you will not regret it.

What People Say

California is full of all types of foods, restaurants, joints etc. However, your truck is really something. The quality of service and products was excellent!”

Kendra Lewis

California, USA

I am not a big fan of street food or fast food, but your burger and fries have made me reconsider! This was the best burger I have had in the past couple of months!”

Lisa Morgan

Texas, USA

Oh wow! I did not expect this type of service from a truck food company! You guys are awesome, and I enjoyed the party very much. We’re your regular clients now!”

Jessica Parks

West Virginia, USA

The food was great, the service was awesome. I am 100% confident that you guys will succeed, and your trucks will become the most popular out there. Thanks a lot!”

Andrew Jones

New York, USA